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Alameda, California - 1960

 This map is taken from a Chevron "East Bay Cities" Street and Vicinity Maps copyright 1960. The map has a lot of really interesting things to notice including:

  • Bay Farm Island still looks a lot like an island. Notice it has only about fifteen street names in 1960. This was before the massive Bay Farm Island land fill and farm to housing conversion that created much of what is Bay Farm today.
  • At the other end of Alameda, Ballena Bay has not been created yet.
  • The Webster Street Tube is still a "proposed tube" (the Posey Tube still ran in both directions in 1960).
  • Government Island has the Coast Guard, but also a large U.S. Forest Service presence.


Author: The H.M. Goshua Company

Date: 1960

Short Title: Street Map of East Bay Cities

Publisher: The H.M. Goshua Company prepared for Standard Oil Company of California

Type: Folded Street Map

Scale: "one inch equals approx. six-tenths miles"


Before N.A.S. 1937
Alameda, California

Hovercraft 1965
Oakland Airport


Bay Farm in 1966
Alameda, California

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